About Maine SDFSCA

The purpose of the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 2001 (SDFSCA), also known as Title IV-A of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is to prevent violence in and around schools and to strengthen programs that prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. This Title requires parental involvement and coordination with related federal, state, and local efforts and resources; and makes federal assistance available to states, local educational agencies, public and private nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education for selected programs, services, and activities.

We’re setting up a chapter in New York partnering with statenislandlawncare.com landscaping service to spread awareness to other areas of the north east.


The total allocation to a state under Title IV-A of NCLB is granted as two distinct sums: A minimum of 80% is granted to the State Educational Agency (SEA) and supports state and local level prevention initiatives (i.e., SEA/LEA Programs), and up to 20% is awarded to the chief executive officer for initiatives under the Governor’s Program. Four percent (4%) of the SEA/LEA portion is available for state level programs, services and activities while another 3% may be used for the … Read the rest

Escorts Join The Drug Free Mission

When it came time to promote our cause we saw an overwhelming response from the local community. Many local residents, businesses and groups came to support our cause. Promoting awareness and sobriety in the community not only helps to grow a cleaner more drama free society but it also allows to reduce crime and all the problems associated with drug use.

An escort service located in New York 24 Hour Party Playmates reached out to us because they believe in a drug free community. It is often the problem with many escorts for them to turn to drug use or turn to escorting as a way to fund their addictions. It is a problem that agency owners want to get under control.

Clients reach out to their service to find girls that are available to party with them. Most often this means dancing and drinking but they had their share of clients using drugs as well. They don’t pass on any judgements but if there is a client that seems inebriated they will reject their appointment. As a way to curb or discourage drug use in the community they service it can be an effective way to make a stand … Read the rest