Escorts Join The Drug Free Mission

When it came time to promote our cause we saw an overwhelming response from the local community. Many local residents, businesses and groups came to support our cause. Promoting awareness and sobriety in the community not only helps to grow a cleaner more drama free society but it also allows to reduce crime and all the problems associated with drug use.

An escort service located in New York 24 Hour Party Playmates reached out to us because they believe in a drug free community. It is often the problem with many escorts for them to turn to drug use or turn to escorting as a way to fund their addictions. It is a problem that agency owners want to get under control.

Clients reach out to their service to find girls that are available to party with them. Most often this means dancing and drinking but they had their share of clients using drugs as well. They don’t pass on any judgements but if there is a client that seems inebriated they will reject their appointment. As a way to curb or discourage drug use in the community they service it can be an effective way to make a stand that they do not support drug use or abuse in the presence of their companions.

When looking for escorts many companies advertise their services on the internet. But can you be assured that you are not getting a drug user when you are looking for someone sober, clean and drug free? Not always. It is no secret that many escorts use drugs while on the job. Typically it is not an industry that screens for drug use.  Additionally in an industry that many clients are users, its not always best to turn their noses up to drug use.

While many agencies will terminate addicts, they are a lot more forgiving for the recreational user. Yet its the recreational user that soon becomes addicted. And that is exactly what these agencies are looking to control. Vicky an escort service booking agent tells us that “once the ladies become hooked it makes it much harder to get them work. They miss appointments, show up late or don’t provide the quality of companionship that our clients are looking for”. We tend to agree with her.

Let’s all stand together to raise awareness in not only our community but in all communities in the USA. New York is a major city that does not need the added burden that drug use has on its residents – escorts or not.